reunion show!
2005-07-11 12:16:20

hi, everybody! gabe here. we will be buying our instruments back from the elementary schools we donated them to so that we can once again join forces and battle for the math of pop everywhere!

this once-in-a-whiletime reunion will occur this friday, july 15th on the university of chicago campus, outside on bartlett quadrangle (57th and university avenue). we're playing with lots of friends, and the show is free as can be!

we will also take this opportunity to release what we expect to be the epilogue of our discography, a "farewell" ep containing new studio tracks, electrifying dance remixes, and rare miscellania! wow! we won't make many of them, so come out and get one while supplies last.

please don't miss this opportunity to rock your socks off on a beautiful summer night with us and our best friends.

we promise to bring the rock like it's the summer of 2004. the harder you try to dance, the faster we'll change time signatures.

< gabe >

You won't forget the view
2005-01-22 17:21:29

greetings from paris. it's been a while. i went to a club tonight and saw some fantastic jazz. it made me sad to think about all the great shows i'm missing back in the states. it's almost worth it.

anyway, i don't know if anyone noticed or cares, but turbo made wluw radio one's top 30 releases of 2004 and i thought there might be at least one person out there in cyber land interested to know that.

< robert >

secret-y secrets
2004-09-22 23:18:43

so we had a secret reunion show last weekend! all were joyously suprised to see travis (who left new york at 4:30 am)appear just before we started playing (especially gabe and mk!) speaking of mk, a million thanks for playing with us last weekend. we hope you had as much fun as we did. you're sweet and smooth like jumex.
after the show we all saw "hero" and hit up some hot-t-t mafia action. what fun. the show was recorded by loren, so expect some audio highlights potentially including a braid cover, a where's jimmy k at cover, a starlister cover and a general sense that all hell was breaking loose on every instrument at once.

< chris >

2004-09-13 00:54:10

great news! if you just so happen to be reading this before about 7:30pm on sunday, september 12th, tune in (via radio or web) to 93.1 wxrt between 7:30 and 8pm chicago time. they're going to be playing a song of ours. we're going to try to record the broadcast, in case they say anything awesome about us.

we've got a few more news items that i'm going to wait to report until a bit later. but suffice to say, exciting things are in the works all around.

damn, girl

< travis >


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