the farewell ep

50 handmade copies of this final ep were assembled using spray paint, transparencies, and card stock for a mr. hyde records showcase and mmHg reunion on july 15, 2005. the album features 2 new studio tracks, the studio recording of "not too fast" that also appears on the mr. hyde compilation hyde five, along with 3 dance-ish remixes, and a live cut of "my room is dark" from our tour-ending 2004 radio performance on wmpg in portland, maine.

tiger force
not too fast
wait anymore
my room is dark (Live)
i!d!m! (intelligent dance mix)
not too fast (not too slow)
the rocktopotamus theme (+2 d10 mix)


Turbo is 50 minutes of our best, most representative recordings to date. Between December 2003 and April 2004, we worked with producer Cartier Cutsinger at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin, to translate the energy of our live performance onto tape. This 12-song effort was released on June 3, 2004, and is now available for purchase online.

Perfect Radio Faces
Ace Aviatrix
Consumer Catalog
The Sun is Falling
Rain is Rain
K.O. Star
Too Close to You
Truth in Advertising
Broken Typewriter
Astral Charts
The Rocktopotamus Theme

going all the way

I!D!M! appears on this rocking 9-track Mr. Hyde compilation that features the best tracks from some amazingly talented and diverse hyde park bands. You can find this free comp at record stores all over Chicago.

the torr ep

three tracks were recorded with the stellar ryan staples at overtone studios in chicago [check this place out!] one of which is to be released potentially on a split 7" with the planck length in the near future, plus two tracks from the depaul sessions. this is a limited release of 100 cdr's released for our east-coast shows at the end of june '03.

k.o. star
rocktopotamus theme
broken typewriter
smile like asterix

live at niu springfest

we got a board mix from this outdoor show at the niu springfest battle of the bands. we played every song at warp speed and man, was it fun...

k.o. star
broken typewriter
the sun is falling
perfect radio faces
rain is rain [red and yellow]

so inclined

on may 14, 2002 we released a full-length effort entitled "so inclined". this release is out of print.

the sun is falling
[you call that a] pokerface
does it get you
too close to you
my room is dark
don't drive away

the mobius trip

in november 2001, we independently released a 7-song ep called the mobius trip. produced, engineered, and mixed by loren jan wilson and mmHg

half written
permanent marker
keep your hands away
by the way
over you
little death
smile like asterix

happy listening. :)