the house. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

the evening began with the rhythm section of the band doing all we could to convince gabe's girlfriend melli to come to the show. luckily we wield a mean persuasive argumentative style: we took turns playing good cop, bad cop, and robo cop roles. I was particularly skillful in the procedure because i had just eaten some soft pretzels from philadelphia (my strongest addiction) that travis had brought me after a recent trip (granted, the trip was a week before and the pretzels were a bit tough, but addicts can't be choosers). after we bribed melli with a change of gabe's clothes and a toothbrush to call her own, she threw in. we loaded the freshly oil-changed neckface and headed west on ol' 88 arriving at the house just a few minutes late or rather a few minutes early by rock and roll time. while Ma was no where to found, the employees of the house continued to impress with their delightfully witty over the counter coffee banter and treated us to free hot chocolate. before we could say, "where's jimmy k at at?" the men and woman of dekalb's answer to questionable behavior arrived sporting Keanu beards and hugs for all. the show, however went like this:

us: "roooock!"
audience: "<contemplative arms crossed look>"
us: "roooOOOck!"
audience: "<shifting of weight to other foot>"
and so on. et cetera.

we were followed by the outstanding pop punk rockers from the amazing kilowatts. the band had a little troubled hubble, a little chisel and even a little face on crotch action. they brought the rock right. travis and I would soon find ourselved in a heated discussion of video games, the afterlife and the new world order conspiracy theory with Tyson of AK at otto's down the street. those guys are educational and entertaining much like a night of hitting the bottle. the last band to play was cactrot, not the tim aher project, but rather some really cool guys from dekalb to whom we owe a big thanks for setting up the show and inviting us. at the end of the night we all headed out to the spring garden (surprisingly not a chinese place..) restaurant with john, mario, michelle, and jimmy K.

heavy-lidded, heavy-stomached, and mortally cherry-syrup-cola-ed, we found our way back to the WJK@HQ. after john unleashed some spell-binding Melon Boat (his german minimalist side project) upon us, we laid out our blankets and hit the hay. we awoke to a bountiful spread of bagels and juice options. god, we love those guys. neckface kept it fully real on the return trip, such that we were able to take it easy in preparation for our next show that very evening.


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