the bottom lounge. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

the last time we swept through the bottom lounge was more than a year ago, one of gabe's first shows with the band. not a whole lot of people came, and it was weird. this time around, it was still weird, only the die-hards showed, and somehow it was a lot of fun anyway. much of the fun was infused by touring act hockey night, who rocked those gathered with two whole drummers. who played the same parts. which meant that every ounce of rock weighed twice as much. we'd also like to note that they played lots of double guitar leads, and gabe feels the need to declare that hockey night's lead guitarist was one of the best he's ever seen. "something about that kid was unreal!" he's been heard to remark. chris wishes special recognition to be bestowed upon paul's chicken guitar strap. also adding to the unexpected and inexplicable positiveness of the night was opening duo spectaculo. gabe wishes to editorialize again (jerk) and request that they wear tuxedos and top hats when performing in the future, but wants to make it clear that they were in most ways thoroughly endearing. our set involved an abundance of leaping around the stage like cheaply replicated generic robot gazelles. that are broken. and on drugs. thanks to jon hersh, conor, lizzie, mary and marissa, anne, joe starita and matt (from unique chique!), and joe's girlfriend anne. for coming. and to gary for running sound. awesome.


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