ns radio. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 10pm.

seriously, one of the greatest things about the past three years of rocking for me personally, has been the other people and bands we've met along the way that have supported us and inspired us with their own enthusiasm for the rock. one of these great bands that i hope that we never stop being friends with are the rockers from dekalb known as where's jimmy k at? these guys have invited us to play shows on several occasions; they've spread the gospel of the real all over town, overpowering the masses with fliers for our shows; they've put us up in their apartment and beaten us mercilessly in mario kart. john and mario are the best!

in early february, john asked me if we'd be into playing a live acoustic set on northern star radio for his show, the local lounge. travis and i started out playing acoustic shows a few years ago and frankly, i always get a little nervous these days when i feel those twee roots tugging at our heels. we enjoy the rock. you know? and let's not kid ourselves. the rock just isn't happening when there are no drums and bass punching you in the junk. but alas, travis and i agreed to make the trek up to dekalb without the beat-busting half of our collective brain, feeling lobotomized, but also energized at the thought of chilling with our dekalbian friends.

when we got there, john and mario took us to lukulo's to enjoy the family atmosphere, the electric train periodically circling round our booth and the electrifying homemade cherry pepsi. i had to refrain myself from a fourth glass as the others finished their firsts. when we got to the station a hour or so later, i wasn't sure if it was the 2 liters of saccharine stimulant or nervous butterflies i was feeling bubbling inside. eventually, travis and i settled down and made perhaps our best radio performances to date, limiting the gaffes entirely until john had us record a promo for the local lounge which we decided ought to go completely unrehearsed. i'm not sure if john ended up editing our ridiculous impromptu promo into a masterpiece or not, but i'm sure he could have, had he wanted to. but we were so embarassed about it, that we decided we should try to redeem ourselves by recording another. i don't quite understand how we came to forget our first mistake so quickly but the second attempt, also improviso, was even worse than the first. fortunately, i think most people had tuned out at this point. after the show, we traded tastes of our respective new releases. start getting excited, because what we heard from the wjka CD was awesome. they'll be releasing it at a show that they've asked us to play, along with the always amazing troubled hubble and inspector owl in late april. this one is not to be missed.


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