the shoreland ballroom. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

so let's get one thing straight right off the bat: there are no venues in hyde park. actually, let's get another thing straight, too: there are some fine people on the shoreland band committee, students who live in the shoreland dorm at the u of c, and sometimes they pretend there is a venue in hyde park, namely, the crystal ballroom in the shoreland. they pay bands to come and play free shows and provide attendees with free food: candy. lots and lots of candy. is all of that clear? sound cool? well what if i were to then tell you that for this show they made beer koozies! so yeah, with no right to complain about a cool venue i guess, we opened up one of these shows. it was fun. gabe wore a new robot shirt. robert may or may not have leapt off the stage in a fit of rock. our money is on yes. chris took a break from the rigors of medical schooling to provide rigorous drumical tooling. in any case, whatever level of rock we were able to achieve was appropriated and then redoubled or resextoupleted by the stare, matt roan's garage punk outfit. they rocked so hard, in fact, that matt blew a fuse in robert's amp, causing some general confusion and a slight break in the onslaught. relax, we said, we break stuff all the time.

some audience members may have been thrown by this display, but not the members of where's jimmy k at who made the trip from dekalb (which, incidentally, i am making as i write this on 4/25/04 to play at the house. is that irony? no.) the members of wjka could not be shaken from their enjoyment of the rock, and it was a good thing too, because things would get worse before they got better. written in the sand (r.i.p.), who played next, would go on to break even more stuff as they destroyed pa's and broke innocent young hearts with fervent american rock.

after the show wits and wjka and mmhg had a big four letter acronym band party. matt roan was reportedly seen making a grilled cheese sandwich.