nevin's live. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

for some men having other men chant your name in a sing song-y "here we go vlasses! here we go!" fashion is a dream. for the most part these men like sports like american gladiators and the like. rock and rollers, as a general rule in my opinion, aren't so into that. here we go michael stipe here we go!" etc. it seems like members of the opposite sex making animal like noises is the ultimate goal but you know what, i'm here to say that i will take what i can get. and as it were, what i could get at our show at nevin's was the former. and lots of it. "dudes" was something of a theme for this show which was also first coat's first played stark raving starkless.

and then there was irradio. honestly, we didn't even watch them so i have no idea what they're deal is. but the band that preceded them whose name i don't recall, were total wankers. they had some weird esoteric instrument that was like the cross between a slap bass and a video game. i know that sounds cool, but it wasn't.

robert's just bitter because he broke a string at this show.

we stepped outside during irradio's set to work out a set of our own. to the police officer walking down sherman ave. at just that moment, i'm sure it was an interesting sight. we were huddled around the back alley drawing pictograms in blue sharpie on each other's arms when the police officer strolled up with a shit-eating grin. we greeted him by saying, "we're not doing anything illegal."

i also had some serious food envy before this show food envy is that thing where you are out to dinner with somebody and they order something way better than you ordered and your whole meal is then spent pouting your way through your dinner while lusting after theirs. they were will long and theirs was a shepard's pie. many thanks to irradio for setting this show up and giving us all these cute little dennis kucinich fliers. and a huge thanks to all the med school kids came. thanks again to anne and robbie firlit for the great pictures!