mccormick tribune lounge. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

see, we graduated already. all of us. so going back to play for first years was kind of strange. mostly because they transformed the reynolds club into this unrecognizable hedonistic temple. we were surrounded by catering and rave lighting and squealing nubile co-eds. we played two sets at this show. the first one was pretty rad. there were lots of kids and some of them danced. mary and marissa were right down front acting tough, as I recall. and by tough I mean real. other star audience members included spencer Kingman, who rules, and robert's brother matt, who, we discovered that evening, had gotten engaged to a lovely girl named heather. congratulations are awesome.

man. we hadn't seen chris in forever, either. he had just started medical school and gone rock AWOL. so it was even more awesome than usual to crank out some rock with him again. we had to set up and run the PA ourselves, as often happens at university events. oh: we played a second set as well, by which time most of the first years had decided to do something else. this didn't stop us from jumping around like a bunch of loons as usual. after we loaded out, we talked to some kid for a while next to neckface. I remember that he was doing some drugs, or looking to do some, or was real into them. I might have just made that part up. he had a bike, though. he was dressed kinda wild. and he left his sweater on the floor where we were playing and came back and got it later.