the reynolds club. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 10pm.

Travis Carter created The Hive from nothing. Once again this year, the second floor coffee shop in the Reynolds Club was transformed into a mecca of Rock and we were glad to be in on the action. Thanks to Aniel and Joe for continuing the tradition. This show was unique because we remembered to bring the set list we made. Midway through the set we introduced Sam Hunt as our new bass player and thanked Conor for everything as he left us to focus all his energy on Drexel. Thanks to Ethan the pirate, John the skeleton, and the moody Jen for making the long trip to see the show. Thanks to Drexel and their kickass new drummer, Tom, The Ritual, and Downcast (our downstairs neighbors who are handy with the eBow!) Finally, very special thanks are in order to Loren for making a scene, supporting the scene, and putting his money where our merch was. Loren you're an incredible guy!


little death
permanent marker
firmament**loren gave a beautiful speech in support of buying our new cd and t-shirts and even offered potential buyers a cash incentive!
smile like asterix **bass player transition
does it get you ** there was a girl watching who was studying for a russian final with cue cards. we took one that asked what "par engleeske" meant and posed the question to the audience. congratulations to our winner who correctly translated the phrase "in english" into english. we found out later that he was in the same russian class.
too close to the two of you dedicated to anne for coming to the show even though she was sick
you call that a poker face with props to mk and legonk
half written
cannonball **the deal sisters are hot
keep your hands away