the quad club. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

We played at the swanky U of C faculty club known as the Quadrangle Club as part of party thrown by the biology department to celebrate the CORE bio class. This class is for non-majors including Robert, Will from Drexel/68comeback Special, and Jon from the Better Boyfriends all of whom contributed music to this posh alcohol free event that was catered with millions of tiny ham sandwiches - sorry Travis. The music started around 6 and you should have seen the looks we got from some of the theorizing nobel laureates in that building as we loaded tube amps and bass drums past their cushy leather chairs. We spent all this time making T-shirts the Sunday before, but then we had to use the box they were in to prop up an ailing floor tom and we didn't sell any of them. Thanks to Drexel, 68comeback special, and the Better Boyfriends (who, by the way, you have got to see to believe) and Professor Quintàns the professor with the great moustache who made the whole thing happen, probably at the expense of his quad club membership.


keep your hands away
you call that a poker face? retitled: "you call that a polymerase?"
half written
by the way
does it get you
little death retitled "minute apoptosis"
permanent marker
so close to too close to the two of you