loyola university. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 7pm.

this was our first non-pure hype radio appearance as we were guests during the first hour of jed and mike's radio free chicago program, a show on loyola's wluw station dedicated to chicago rock. i came to the show directly from the lyon's den where i was watching the 68s record their album live on the stage while loren engineered and joe, the owner, looked on approvingly. watch out for that one, it's going to be a rocker. anyway, we played about 30 minutes of live stuff in the studio and shot the shit with mike in the on the air for the rest of the hour. while we were playing smile like asterix, i was looking out the studio window and saw this guy who was just downright funny looking. i was so taken with how funny looking this guy was that i messed up my part... someone should stop this guy! what if he walks by an operating room? anyway, mike was a great guy to talk to both on the air and off (he privately disclosed to us that he and his wife bought two copies of the new harry potter so they wouldn't have to try and share one/get divorced.) he also runs arm's reach recordings and hooked us up with a promo copy of the new dakota dakota record they are putting out, which is a must hear. Check out some audio from the interview with mike here. aswe were leaving we talked to the next band "the arnold jackson band" (think about it....think about it... ah yes, that arnold jackson...) and learned that they too live in hyde park and love to rock. go figure. our conversation was cut short by their need to play, our need to get home to host a party celebrating the elementary school game "mafia," and the fact that this sticker was so funny that none of us could concentrate enough to make logical sentences anyway. thanks again to mike and everyone at radio free chicago. in our discussed and albeit humble opinion, wluw is an amazing station and maybe *gasp* the best in the city...


perfect radio faces
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