the anchor inn. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

do you know who is tougher than you are? gabe is. before our madison show he stayed up all night writing from start two finish two final papers and then spent the entire day creating his last installment of his cartoon. when i picked him up at 5 he had already been awake for the better part of two days... but did he nap in the car on the way there... ooohh nooo... and as a matter of fact he didn't sleep at all the whole trip (with the exception of one moment where he literally fell asleep mid-sentence on the way home). on the way there gabe and i were talking and gabe said the most profound thing "you know," he said to me, "U2 has always said that someday they were going to put out a punk album and they haven't and i think.....DOES THAT SAY ROBOT WORLD!?!" the sight of the wisconsin robot world almost caused this show to lack a bass player and drummer... but with all our strength we kept ourselves from taking that exit. the anchor inn is a great club not only because they have a pinball game called monster bash but because they have a jukebox fully stocked with rush albums. with memories of the coach's show dancing in our heads we set up our stuff air drumming to "tom sawyer." the show itself was delayed because... get this... the sound guy rob had to finish his pinball game... now that's rad. robert's sister andrea, who is finishing up a doctoral degree in sociology up in madison, came to the show and brought some friends from her department. contrary to stereotypes about sociology grad students (ie all they think about is stereotypes, etc.) these people were some of the rowdiest people at any show we've played... they even yelled "travis carter is soooo hott" arguably as loudly and drunkenly as <a href=" ">monica</a> did. we were the only two guitar band in the bar that night as we played with revere and space shower civic who were both keyboard driven rock, but both bands were great. one of the guys there to see revere signed our mailing list and we had this nutty conversation where he said he was from minnesota, i said we were playing in minnesota in july, he said he knew the guy who booked the place we were playing, i said i knew him too because he went to high school with my roommate becky and he said HE went to high school with my roommate becky!! ah, middle america, under the guise of vast prairie and dairy farms you are really so small. finally, when she saw our buttons, this girl at the bar said "wow. this is a mobius strip." and i said "do you mean that like wow this is pretty cool or wow these guys are really dorky? to which she said "both." thanks to darwin at anchor in and rob who did a great job with sound. thanks to revere and s.s.c. for being really cool and thanks to "mr. blues" for owning such a bar, and wearing such a blue mohawk. oh yeah, and check out the weezermobile....


the sun is falling
permanent marker [by request]
broken typewriter
perfect radio faces
k.o. star
keep your hands away
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