hotel artesian. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

at a hollywood party in the late seventies a heavily intoxicated chrissie hynde of the pretenders would make what she thought would be an innocent pass at the champion of both beta and vhs aerobics workout tapes richard simmons... but on that night the stars were aligned just so, and substances bullied neurotransmitters while the moon led hormones in a tumultuous meringue. talking turned to dancing turned to bed sheets in a tangled mess and out of the seething quagmire of lusty rock and roll and sweaty low impact aerobics, we were born.

more than twenty years later, at the height of the nucular age, the four of us could no longer lie about our kinship or our ancestry, and at this sequel to the alibi party, the residents of the artesian hotel witnessed a coming out of sorts (along with various "poking outs".) in headbands, wristbands, and youth small running shorts we took the stage and began by stretching to survivor's "eye of the tiger" before launching into our set and sweating to our oldies. we played through pain: robert got a mean rug burn on his knee while sticking the landing on the most punk of jumps. chris split his lip on the mic during too close to you, bleeding on his tank top, and yes, travis broke a string again. the set was fast and very very loud with feedback "going nucular" on eardrums at one point. thanks to loren and joe alonso for controlling the sound monster. thanks to anne for the amazing pictures, thanks to ronnie et al for the lightswitch raves and most of all thanks to joe, jason, tommy and chris at the artesian hotel for yet another amazing time.

it must be noted, however painfully, that this weekend to end all rock weekends was in fact made bitter sweet by tragedy. travis left the go nucular party only to discover that his beloved red jeep, and all the instruments and personal items it contained, were stolen. to whoever did this: you suck. we will miss all three of our amplifiers. we will miss you "merchy" our merch box and all the remaining copies of the mobius trip and so inclined that you contained (they are collector's items now i guess...) we will miss you little doctor, the little sampler that could. and most of all, we shed a tear for "jeepy." r.i.p. we are thankful that more was not taken, and that our last hours with all of these items also held some of our fondest and most rockin' memories.


workout theme from rocky 4
eye of the tiger

the sun is falling
k.o. star
perfect radio faces
broken typewriter
keep your hands away
rain is rain
too close
three small words