whpk. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

pure hype whpk 88.5fm. friday april 11 9:17pm

51 weeks after our last appearance on whpk's live music radio hour (or so), we returned to pure hype. interesting fact: of the 9 songs we played during our first set last time we played only one repeat this time. the song was peaks island, then called "we'll be there" (it also had another name since then...) and the last show on pure hype was actually the first time we had ever played it. to celebrate the first anniversary of peaks we played a revamped and mellowed out wurlitzer driven version of the song fully equipped with travis tearing up the glockenspiel! just before the song, however, trouble really started to brew... during this set robert broke strings on his guitar at two different times! lucky for us, alaskan radio personality and founding member of the band jerk store, tim bodony (one of three glen ellynites in the room,) happened to be part of the two man studio audience and was ready and willing to play emergency guitar tech, handing robert spare guitars, stepping out into the hallway to restring them, and even, at one point, recovering robert's fallen glasses and replacing them on his face (glasses tech?). the guy all but chewed our dinner. without tim's help, pure hype would have been pure chaos, as it was, however, we managed to salvage some semblance of order and hope you will enjoy listening to selections from the show. thanks to john, tim (the other one), georgi, and everyone at whpk (the pride of the south side) for having us and for doing an excellent job with sound. thanks to loren for being the other 50% of our studio audience and for interviewing us and taking off his shirt on air in between sets... and most of all millions of thanks to tim bodony for taking pictures, selecting lewd (notice i spelled it right this time molly...) records and standing by our instruments with the kind of service and customer support guitar center could only dream of. check out the audio clips below!


SET 1:
little death
don't drive away-->we mentioned the upcoming first coat and
betterboyfriends show plus the georgi talked about all the hpk related bands performing soon
by the way
broken typewriter
the sun is falling


SET 2:
a year ago--->broken string number one
peaks island--->robert on wurlitzer, travis on bells,
wait anymore--->tim returned robert's guitar
perfect radio faces (irony not lost!)
too close to you (sans little docotor)
rain is rain (red and yellow) --->broken string #2, robert started using travis's old guitar
k.o. star--->tim returned robert's guitar to him