notre dame. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 4pm.

after a late night rocking hard to p1xel and the chronic network made shorter by daylight savings we forced the sleep from our eyes and hit the road to play another set down by the south bend of the saint joseph's river at Notre Dame. the drive itself began without incident as robert, acting as a record label on wheels, was burning, labeling and packaging dozens of discs in the back seat... when disaster struck! robert's powerbookwas sent airborne as chris, robert, and anne were rear ended. luckily, no one was hurt, nor was any damage done to the big broccoli (chris's van). The sudden impact, however, did cause chris to make his "trauma noise," a truly weird guttural dad-like groan-yell (OOOAAHHW!) which involuntarily tumbles forth in times of great danger. with adrenaline still coursing through us, we approached the notre dame campus only to find ourselves navigating a hailstorm of softballs and volleyballs.

you see, 85% of the student body of notre dame graduated high school with a varsity letter on their letter jacket, and you can be assured that they weren't the math team letters or competitive speech letters that losers like us had on ours. in fact, as we pulled up to campus to play for a festival being held by the Knott dorm, the place was churning like the olympic village. we even found numerous basketball games in progress and a giant inflatable bungee run game as we loaded in to N.D.s epcot-like field house/concert venue. when in rome, we did as the irish did, and soon found ourselves rocking and jocking like we were the love children of dan cortes and coolio. as it were, the show was the perfect initiation for the newest member of the band, lenny h. (who has come to us in lenny g.'s inexplicable absence.) the little football helped travis destroy chris and gabe in p-i-g. the poor little fella (lenny not travis) was then so tired he took a nap in anne's hood... lenny, you sly dog.

the set went really well with... are you ready for this.. NOTHING BREAKING! many thanks to tim (the same sound guy as last time!) who did another excellent job despite his lack of treash and treash's sweet decibel meter. the enormous stage saw tremendous aerials by the big three up front and even lenny h was in on the action being tossed back and forth between the band and crowd. chris's desperate need for a haircut was commented on by one n.d. observer who was overheard mistaking his eye-covering overgrown gree-fro for ray bans and saying, "why is that drummer wearing sunglasses?" after our set we proceeded to have a phenomenal time risking life and limb in the bungee running game for well over an hour and none of us really know if the whiplash we are experiencing right now was from the car crash or the vicious repeated snapping of the bungee cords slamming us mercilessly to the mats. we are grateful for tight, white underdrawers. thanks also to anne for making the trip and taking some great pictures and chrystyna representing and for hawking our mailing list amongst the dunking irish. thanks to adam for booking us and to rob (who booked us last time) for coming back out to rock. finally, thanks to all the great guys from knott who rocked out during our set and made us feel really welcome.