the cove. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

This was the first of what we hope will be many shows at Hyde Park’s finest dive, The Cove Lounge. We could tell by the expressions on the faces of the clientele as we loaded in that the only rock this place had seen in its history was Rolling Rock. In a display of loyalty to their favorite bar, many regulars were very up front with the bands about the fact that if we were too loud, started a riot playing street fighting man, exposed ourselves, or did anything to get the bar in trouble they would not think twice about breaking our knees. Needless to say the volume and crowd were controlled and we took out the part of the set where Travis was going to expose himself. Honestly though, the Cove was a great place to play. The room, aided no doubt by the dart boards and beer posters, sounded really good and 68 Comeback Special and Jeff Rufo and the Lonely Silos (featuring Loren, Sarah, and Conor!) sounded better than ever. By the way, we made a really pretty set list and forgot it at home again. Thanks to Nilay "P. Didday" Patel for all the organization and for singing along, Zack the bartender and all of the awesome staff at the Cove for the great venue, the lemon drops, and the great juke box, and all the people who came out... especially those of you who came from far away and/or bought our CD!


keep your hands away
too close to the two of you(first time played, dedicated to nilay. superword: "bitch")
(you call that a) poker face? (first time played)-->
half written
permanent marker
over you
by the way
firmament (** nilay and loren began grinding on robert and travis while singing the ginger ale chorus. chris exclaimed "stop
freaking my band!")
does it get you
little death
smile like asterix (dedicated to john and dave)
**all the bands toasted courtesy lemon drops to the hyde park scene and rock and roll