hoghead mcdunna's. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

in 1994 chris was in a band with a guy named aaron williams. like most bands of their day they covered "angsty" bands from seattle and did a pretty awful job of it. almost a decade (shit) later, though its members have all gone different ways musically, the bonds of the electrowhocardio schnooks still hold strong as aaron called us up and asked us to play this show with his band, strangers in dreams. before our set, some guy was in the audience drawing our instruments but not looking at the paper as part of some art exercise. we forgot to ask him for the picture, but you should see it, it was rad... if you are that guy you should send it to us! we played first after an enormous meal of half price and deep fried bar food, but it didn't seem to weigh us down (check out that picture of gabe!) empowered by the large plate of nachos, travis tore through his g-string (the one on the guitar) on (are you ready for this) the second chord of the second song of our second show of the second half of the second month during our second year as a band. cosmic. anyway, he was forced to go to his "second string" guitar which, as opposed to the "meedly meedly meedly meeee" of his regular guitar, sounds a lot like this: "boing boing boing." this show also marked the first time that we played the song "k.o. star." we were having trouble thinking of lyrics for the bridge but the night before the show, chris actually dreamed about us writing them and then remembered them when he woke up. think about how many more songs we could write if we all started dream composing. how waking life. we also played a cover of our favorite song from our favorite movie, but you really had to be there to appreciate it. let's just say it was hotter than you've ever seen. after our set we shamelessly ducked out of the show, forgoing both our money and our loyalty to the electrowhocardio schnooks, and rushed up to the gallery cabaret to catch the better boyfriends set, which, as always, was simply unbelievable. well past two, we then rolled into the dunkin' donuts (just as fresh donuts were being made), drove home past about a hundred people crammed into a subway watching a cricket game, (check out the picture!) and utterly crashed on our couch three quarters of the way through the bourne identity. thanks to aaron and the good people at hoghead's, especially the sound guy who ran a tight show using secret weapon prototype microphones. also thanks to leah for making the trip out there only to miss us by about a second, and thanks to anne for all the great pictures. who knows, maybe our next show will be with members of mestizo bob, shuttle, the embellishments, the snuffalufagus rhythm rocket, the tippler contingent, madly rays, salty pete and the pirates, the concord, or wide ida. yikes.