the reynolds club. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 12am.

here's a joke that was big in the eighties: how many drummers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? none, they have machines that do that now. the adage actually proved somewhat true when our second show as a three piece started without chris (who had heady obligations) and the band took the stage accompanied not by a mop-top greek on the drums, but by a machine. granted, the video projector was projecting a film of a mop-top greek, but still, score another one for team deep blue (a.k.a. "ol' granpappy matrix"). in truth, as chris can attest, (he got there during the second song) the show still rocked pretty hard. show/film highlights included a tribute to the pubes (a new hp band which was ironically denied entry into this show held just a block away from off off campus because of their "lude name"). there was also a wonderful sequence where anne adorned the sun is falling with bits of wes anderson (well his movies...) and another featuring some choice footage of gabe dancing with an angry octopus (rocktopotamus) on his head (kind of like that deleted scene from goonies.) also, in an odd twist of coincidence, robert (for the second time in a month!) broke his guitar cable(?!),this time during a version of too close to you which featured videos of both chris singing and chris drumming. robert scrambled to borrow conor's guitar (remember him!) and just as all the clicking and buzzing of the guitar switching subsided and robert began playing his lead line the chris in the video turned to the robert in real life and said "robert voyer on the guitar ladies and gentleman." how shamalanian! the set ended with the real chris hopping up on stage and starting to play drums halfway through rain is rain while nilay and paul of the 68s iconoclastically tore down the "evil robot chris" projection. as the red light of the evil super computer slowly faded out, we tore into travis's hard rockin new song, which, incidentally, still doesn't have a name. thanks to ian and everybody at sos for setting up the show (which raised money for international disaster victims) and thanks to nilay for the use of his camera and loren for the microphones. congratulations to first coat for kicking our asses in the battle, and the 68s for kicking our asses on the dancefloor. finally, as our friend molly pointed out, it is relevant that just days before the anniversary of laura palmer's death, we played "sos! bob!" i think i need a donut and some coffee.