university church. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 8pm.

off- off asked us to get it on on with them for an unprecedented 4th time. this time we opened for their "pastor of muppets" review, the ludest and funniest off-off show to date by our estimations, and face it, we've seen a lot of off off shows not to mention lots of funny and lude things. before the show, as is tradition, we forgot some stuff at home and had to go get it. we were later surprised by friends jason of buddha's belly and tim (who came to the show with his alonsolese escort.) this show was the first time we played a new rock number by travis which is yet to be named but rocked hard despite the anonymity. anne said it was "adequate" which as some of you know, is the best thing you can be. as others know, "anne doesn't listen." after the show we picked up 200 oz of beer and shot over to the after party, where we destroyed decorations, and made some new friends and enemies, some born as late as 1984(making us feel old... but curious: did they remember life before the simpsons, and microwave ovens, and vcrs... no!). many thanks to jb, and everybody at off off for being so lude, funny and accommodating and special thanks to our new friends charles "chuck" charleston, jimmy foxtrot, bobby waltzy, j.j. mirengue, the san diego pony, captain boxstep, and the irrefutable jerry "boss" bossanova. no pictures were taken at the show even though we brought a camera, but check out some randoms from the party.