the lyon's den. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

five days after the alibi party we were invited to play a second show with metal vixens the logic of elliott, this time at the lyon's den (home of the art garfunkel burger). the show was an awakening of sorts for lots of reasons, chief amongst them being that the lyon's den was proof of what a chicago venue can and should be. they really made us feel like the music was what mattered, the sound there was great, the bathroom wall jokes were top notch, and on top of that, pints only cost a dollar (thus, we read a lot of the bathroom wall banter). many thanks are due to owner and soundman joe, who was also kind enough to make a great recording of our set for us. we played our fifth show of the month with a relentless life loving fervor. highlights included a new ending tacked on to smile like asterix and some new twists in rain is rain. our set was only the beginning, however. while alonsolian antics were notably absent, the next hour and a half saw l.o.e again tear shit up and not only rock hard, but really entertain with everything from freestyling m.c.'s to sparking nuns. many thanks to shane, steph, and ella for giving us the show, ryan of west loop recording for working the door, thanks to anne for the pictures (check them out) and the shimmey, and joe and everyone at lyon's den.