hotel artesian. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

assuming you and i did something illegal or worse on new year's eve, joe, jason, tom and chris at "the artesian hotel" held their second annual "alibi party," a well documented pseudo-new year's bash so that you would have the pictures and the witnesses to plead innocent in court. less than 12 hours since the south bend stage storm at coach's we took up arms again, our road worn bodies now propped up by well starched NYE leisure suits. during peaks island robert did the unthinkable, or at least unusual, and snapped the cable of his guitar while landing a ferocious jump. after the midnight countdown we wanked some aude lang syne out of tune and then screamed some too close to you (all of you guys contributing to the loud expletive at the beginning really got our fake-2003 off to a rockin' start!) after we were done, the all-girl-metal of logic of elliott brought the house down, and unfortunately, the police, but not before joe alonso stepped up to the mic during a l.o.e. song and started singing "no woman no cry" in his best al gore voice. how this came to pass will never fully be understood, but as shane of l.o.e. put it, it was "inspirational." after the show we went pretty nuts passing out our new buttons (brilliantly designed by travis) and the last of the 80 brand new, but soon to be hard to find, "bands that hug" h.p. music compilations that we had helped put together the week before. thanks to jason of zoeblu for the invite (seeing that kid talk to/work the cops was amazing.) thanks to joe of joedesign for the fliers, thanks to paul and nilay for the pictures and thanks to everybody that came even those hipsters who misunderstood and thought it was the "albini" party. despite what anybody says about how we look, at least now we all have an alibi.