coach's. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 12am.

having just talked to andrew may 23rd, 2007 peterson the day before about a tour of unscheduled "guerilla" shows he went on the summer before, we left chrystyna's apartment on our way to one of the millions of south bend sports bars with visions of a spontaneous rock show dancing in our heads. as we turned on the radio in the car the great things to come were foreshadowed by rush's "working man," a guilty pleasure that rocked us all the way to the bar, the last wanky note shaking the entire vehicle a full minute afer we parked as we smashed our air guitars on the arm rests and steering wheel. once in the bar we we were delighted to find newcastle ale selling for $1 a pint (though it led us to wonder about the born on date...) and soon embarked on a glen ellyn vs. u of c pool game (which ended with the hilltoppers mopping the bars filthy floor with the tongues of the maroons.) chris struck up a conversation about a possible show with mitch, the gravely voiced bartender, and he was stealthily supported by chrystyna who acted like she didn't know us and said "wow, you definitely should let those guys play!" well, they must have bought into it, because within minutes of our discussion with mitch, and justin, the bar's manager, we were converting their "dance floor" into a mecca of rock. tim's months in alaska proved well spent as he made the bar's ancient sound system run one of joe alonso's microphones. Gabe's months spent watching mcguyver and the a-team also came in handy as he transformed a barstool and a broomstick into our lone microphone stand. before the locals could shout for a fair catch, we were upon them with a blazing installment bar room rock. the set, led by gabe's tumultuous bootsy-meets-little-richard bass barrage, was our most berserk ever. after it ended, chris emerged from the bathroom to find the crowd yelling for more, and a spontaneous jam session erupting with gabe on drums, robert on bass and tim down from the sound board and on the guitar. you may not know this, but g love and all of his music has been banned from south bend because of some really un-catholic things that he did while there, but with a rebel yell we cracked out several verses of g love classics(what?!)to the delight of the crowd and the dismay of the bishop. by that time the newcastle was doing most of the talking and all of the playing but a triumphant version of the "she don't use jelly" and half of "cannon ball" was played before, midway through the second verse of cannonball, robert said "guys, i think we are going to get our asses kicked..." and in true blues brothers fashion, we packed up and split... viva the guerrilla show revolution!