the prodigal son. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

it had been over two months since the last show and man we had the itch. our day started at noon with a practice/private show for our friend molly who was leaving town in the afternoon. she paid us with homemade cookies making that show one of our most lucrative, chewy, and delicious. the p-son remains trapped in it's el-nino style temperature no-man's land. while last july's show was like an autoclave, this time we were warming our hands over a garbage can fire during nada om's set. luckily the q*bert game still worked. a glowing set by starlister really got things moving and by the time the sixty-eight's were done erecting their wall of sound the place was really rocking. joe alonso, the "joe cocker of off color humor" introduced us to a supportive crowd shouting "who the hell are you?!" the set went by in a flash but included a planck length homage called chronic asterix smiling problem, guest drummer dr. sample on too close to you (see the shot of chris unleashing the "little doctor" on some unsuspecting buggers), and a don't drive away/little death sandwich with an extra helping of dissonance. while no women threw underwear, some men through shoes and beer, and joe alonso took off his shirt despite the temperature. the guy is a class act. infinite thanks to jeramiah of the afflictions for running sound, and nilay "big stick policy" patel for lining up the show. let's hope it was not his last.