university church. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 8pm.

FIRST SHOW WITH ROBERT’S NEW GUITAR! We played opener for the 15th generation of an improv comedy troupe, then at intermission before the 16th generation. They put rabbits to shame apparently. The show was called “If these balls could talk.” We spent all this time making a nice set list. Then we left it in the car. We were all really hungry but had no time to eat. Perhaps playing hungry made us rock more ravenously, feasting on riff after meaty riff. The room was so reverby. Chris was advised to “not use too much cymbal.” We were swept away by irony as Chris was told that he was playing too softly (first time ever) and then, during the set’s mellowest song, proceeded to break his stick on the ride cymbal. Chris yells (pardon our French) “fuck,” throwing his drum stick over the bass drum. Misunderstanding the cry of his drummer, Conor thought that there were drum sticks rattling around inside the bass drum (?), bent over and looked inside. It was a circus. Thanks to Becky Stark and Dave for singing along. Thanks to those strangers for signing up for the mailing list, and thanks to Off-Off Campus.


over you (someone yells feverishly "robert voyers new guitar is so hot!")
someday (chris tells the quiche joke)
permanent marker
by the way
newbie (new song later named does it get you)
little death
[you call that a] poker face (first time played; broken drumstick circus)
half written
keep your hands away
smile like asterix
in between sets we went to get food. we had nachos and little tiny pizzas. when we came back, full of grease, we played better.
half written