the bottom lounge. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

someone slipped robert a mickey at this show. no kidding. the "coke" handed him by a friend was indeed much more than that and as he misheard and gulped deeply, the givers eyes grew wide. he proceeded to bounce of the walls like a pinball knocking shit all over the place. also of note was a pre-mickey pinball tourney won decisively by gabe. since we were playing a dollar a point, we owe him something like 3,000,000 dollars now. many thanks to jason bobbit of zoeblu productions for including us, and mk for agreeing to accompany us to the prom. we'll make it a night to remember. check out the interociter and bad news jones (crazy hip hop with vibraphone...) if you have a chance.


[you call that a] poker face?
does it get you?
don't drive away
smile like asterix
peaks island
keep your hands away
broken typewriter
the sun is falling