ida noyes hall. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 8pm.

last year's blues and ribs was a boody-fingered-beer-shortage and this year we vowed things would be different! we played first at the upstairs sister component of the blues and ribs festival entitles "rock and falafel" (by the way if anyone on the planning committee is reading this, next year you should get some yogurt sauce or humus for your falafel! i'm still chewing and trying work up the saliva to swallow!) the set was our first with our new bass player Gabe McElwain (called the missing link by some), and one of our best if not most disastrous. During the course of the set Chris pinched his thumb between the closing hi-hats and blood started squirting onto his pant leg (video not available) while robert and travis both opened up fingers as well. Guitars cut in and out, PAs were unplugged by flying voyers and worst of all, during the final song of the set, the spring that causes chris's bass drum pedal to recoil shot off, leaving the mallet hanging limply against the head and causing chris to play about half of the song standing up while Paul Brannon of the sixtyeights played emergency drum doctor. Thank goodness for our universal drum health care plan. After the set we took a trip down to the beer garden to drink away the finger pain only to find that once again, less than an hour and a beer into the event, the place was tapped dry. Luckily we were able to spend the rest of the night dancing like rabid morons with anne and jon of P1xel and the Chronic Network while being rocked by drexel and the sixtyeights (with special guests loren and sara of starlister.)


smile like asterix
peaks island (formerly "the city lights the sky")
the sun is falling
permanent marker
rain is rain
keep your hands away
broken typewriter (new song, formerly "hangin' on")
by the way
does it get you?