the prodigal son. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

funny how circular things can be. a new year begins with another riotous trip to p-son. not that we are complaining mind you - actually, quite a bit had changed since our last visit. the p-son has a new stage and a new sound system plus some hawaii-style decor that looked like remnants of a better boyfriends show. this show was also our first on the new hp label instant records, and the debut of travis' solo project entitled bitter tea for breakfast. on top of all that goodness, the 68s also released a new ep and we rolled out two brand new original songs we had been working on in various humid practice areas during the summer months. noticeably absent from this show was the free pabst (hard times have brought stock prices down and pabst prices up a whole dollar) also, i don't know if it was us or the drexel or the eights, but somebody rocked that place so hard that they broke the air conditioner and by the time we were two songs into our set we were looking like a gatorade ad and a musty fog was rising off of the crowd. thanks to everyone who came out and sweat with us. thanks to rich at mp shows and john the p-son sound guy who saved the day when our wah-ho-ho background vocals blew the right speaker. thanks to those of you who drove around for a hour and still couldn't find a place to park, thanks to ryan for being so bad at q-bert (#*&^@!) and best wishes to jen, who has come to what might be her last show as she is off to teach lacrosse in germany. yeah, you read that right. i guess in retrospect a lot has changed since last year - not really circular at all - its more like we are moving upwards not outwards, and all the while twirling twirling.


wipe out -> permanent marker
rain is rain (first time played. contained destructive wah ho ho's)
the city lights the sky (formerly "we'll be there")
smile like asterix
you're still hanging on (first time played)
keep your hands away (with a new beginning)
by the way (with a new ending)
poker face-->
does it get you?
under threat of death: firmament