the cove. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

the "bookend show" to our very first at the p-son, we teamed up with drexel and our boys in the 68s for one of the most rockin shows in our short history! there were a few scary moments where this show almost didn't happen though... you see the nba finals were on at our proposed 9:30 start time and the regulars (as far as we could tell two big austrian dudes) really wanted to watch the game. as chris loaded in the bass drum he was stopped by an dart-playing hulk who said "no music. game." how could we argue with that logic really? thus, outsmarted and outmuscled we waited until the lakers were done romping the nets to begin. luckily no one seemed to mind, and the place was a zoo with people from all over the country, and all over our various, and sometime shady pasts. along with robert's dad and fifty siblings, the members of chris's old bands and tons of really old friends and roommates turned out. for them we played a set loaded with surprises including mockery of will long, and wanky instrument switching. to make the bookend show complete, travis’ friend monica could be heard in the back, shouting "travis carter is soooo hot!"