nevin's live. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 10pm.

only six days after our last show there we came back to nevin's for another round. when the bell rang this time, it was us tag teaming the study-week crowd with kid charlemagne, and the planck length. during the kid charlemagne set joe alonso could be seen eating huge slabs of corned beef and nilay, who stayed up all night working on a paper so he could make the show (oi oi!), could be seen dozing off, only to be violently roused as his nodding head fell on his spiked bracelets. kid charlemagne finished their set with some awfully dirty jokes, and with mothers holding their childrens' ears, we brought out our pg-13 rock show. thanks to everyone who came, especially ryan and becky (who was studying for a final at a back table). it was a bittersweet show because it was the planck's last performance with monster-drummer jesse gel redmond. i guess you la drummers better watch out.