nevin's live. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

we didn't feel like we played with enough bands the day before, so we headed up to northwestern for the mayfest battle of the bands. not being hometown boys, we didn't really expect to win, but when we learned that the winner won a spot to open for the dismemberment plan at northwestern's dillo day festival ­ well, we sort of freaked out and decided to play the most rockin' set we'd ever played. the place was stuffed to the gills when we got there (after catching a few bands at the second day of lollapalivingroom) the night featured 4 chord max, the no doctors, cdo, alicia brightman and company and buddha's belly (making it a total of 12 bands we shared the stage with in 2 days) we had a great time playing, and the crowd of mostly strangers seemed really into it. one guy said "i haven't been rocked that hard in 6 years!" poor guy. glad we could be there for him. thanks to jen who operated the event, and still gave us losers a chance to say hi to our favorite band ever.