ida noyes hall. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

the ribs were all eaten. the beer was gone long before everyone used their three free tickets and the blues band had packed up and left. thanks to everyone who stuck around and saw us in ida noyes hall on the university of chicago campus. once again, j.r. truckdriver and drexel were hard acts to follow. this time 68 comeback special joined the fray and rocked out in what we hope will be the first in a long line of joint shows, bitch. thanks to kathy lin for the organization, anne for the pictures, and loren for bravely battling the muddy acoustics and squeaky speakers. before our set, the 68's ripped out toots and the maythals’ “pressure drop” to the delight of conor, loren, and others who ignited a skinny-boy-skank-a-thon.


half written (formerly complementarity)
permanent marker (during this song robert broke a string, thanks to will long for lending us his guitar mid-song... if only he knew what was to come...)
smile like asterix
someday(this song ended at 11:59:55, five seconds before travis birthday. the crowd all counted down and sung travis right into his 23rd year)
12-23-95(jimmy eat world cover: robert changed the chorus words to happy birtday travis) (at this point robert also noticed that during the set his right finger opened up, leaving blood stains all over will longs guitar and reinforcing the notion that nice guys finish last. sorry will, we promise to steal some wet naps next time we are out, the antibacterial kind.)
little death (first time played)
keep your hands away
by the way (harmony mega-mix)
over you