curley's. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

it was almost joe alonso's half birthday... it was bono's birthday... it was mmhg suburb style. the waitresseswere tired from a long day of ap tests and we were doing our best to look like bad-asses with our amps cranked down to 3 and chris toting bundlesticks. luckily, our oldest friends and family members didn't seem to mind. everyone was really happy in fact, except for lenny g. who was confined to the car after his horrible behavior at phyllis'. highlights of the double-set show included solo performances from john and travis and the triumphant (?) return of joe alonso's heart-pounding,reckless-disregard- for-meter-sting-rolling-over-in-his-mansion version of "message in a bottle" this time complete with all three verses and some bonusgrowling of "bo-ttle bo-ttle." the crowd seemed to really be smiling during that escapade though some people might have been wincing... anyway, all of the earnings from this performance not given to our fifth member, samuel adams, are headed towards our new disc so inclined due out 5-14. so it wasn't exactly like selling out, right guys?


a year ago
permanent marker
we'll be there
over you
by the way
the sun is falling
john played:
feelin' high by kingston trio what he calls "the ultimate bar song"
carolina by either jason harrod or john denver - we're not sure

travis played:
pedro the lion
a song from his solo project due out soon
set 2
asterix with joe alonso on trombone(!) at times playing outside, through the front window of the bar.
message from a hairy man
my name is jonas chris: "i miss the innocence i've known, playing weezer covers in the basement of my home"
don't drive away
does it get you
little death
12.23.95: j.e.w. cover, with stage banter imported from nome, alaska c/o tim sent in an e-mail read by chris he said "i would encourage everyone there to hug a tree. you never know how much trees effect you until you live in a treeless environment. so hug a tree for me, and tell that tree that i miss it."