the reynolds club. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 9pm.

When the U of C student organization SOS suggested having a battle of the bands to raise funds for refugees of the recent volcanic eruption in the Congo Hyde Park bands were eager to play, but only on the condition that the "competition" be removed from the "battle." Hence, the neutralizing word "showcase" to the show's title during a beautiful ceremony where we all hugged one another and slow danced to an old Planethrower record. Apparently the 68s must have been at a model UN convention during all the peace and love because they came out sneering (noticeably more than usual!) and verbally assaulting us with creative catch phrases like "they suck." Guitarist, Will Long wore a home made "mmHg sucks" T-shirt and Shiny lamee pants but, more than anything, seemed disappointed that no one said "your pants are so shiny, I can see myself in them" so he could use the clever retort heíd been practicing in his bathroom mirror. All was made right again when their set ended with a full band-on-band-kiss-and-make-up freak-a-thon during which love conquered all. Anyway, our set was extra special for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was broadcasted live via John's cell phone to our friend Tim, a DJ on Nome, Alaskas "KNOM" outreach radio. His comment afterwards: "the rock was tasty."
  2. Since no one was buying the black tank tops we screened, we decided to wear them ourselves. We looked like a junior high girls basketball team, with John at center, Chris at power forward, Robert at point guard, and Travis at "tight end."
  3. Our set was a non-stop-rock-block of six songs tied together by seamless transitions.

Thanks to: Anita and everyone at SOS for setting everthing up, Becky for being the liason to Alaska and the bar tender at the Green Hornet Bar and Grill, Leah and Sun for buying t-shirts and hanging out, the better boyfriends for blowing our minds, Drexel, the Ritual, Vertonen, the suckstyeights, Klepto, and Eternal Zweiback. After the show we hosted a "backstage party" of sorts with members of lots of the bands and some old and new friends. Things got more and more ridiculous as it got later and later and markers met onions and tea bags met electrical tape and on and on.


keep your hands away-->
the sun is falling-->
permanent marker-->
does it get you-->
don't drive away