nevin's live. tuesday. may 21, 2024. 11pm.

After this show none of us could sleep. I don't really know why, we were just so amped up on what a good time we had I guess. Nevin's just opened a year ago but it is definitely one of the nicest rooms we have played to date. Tons of thanks to Pete the Bit-O-Honey-chewing sound guy for mixing it up. Also, It was great to play with Kid Charlamagne, a Northwestern band everyone should check out! We hope to play with them again soon. The crowd was extra special in that it consisted of a lot of Northwestern students and old friends of Chris that he hasn't seen in months some of whom he thought he would never see again. There was also a solid core of crazy cool hyde park kids who made the mega-trek to see us. To both parties, it means so much to us to see your faces! And Jordan, it means a lot to see your rubber underwear. In one six degrees moment we learned that one of Robert's high school friend goes to northwestern and dates a girl who twice ran the board at shows for Chris's old band, The Tippler Contingent. Weird. Special thanks to Mitch Marlowe in booking for setting up the show; MK for, at various times of the night, impersonating Travis, John, and the guitarist from Kid Charlamagne (almost); Hope Wabuke for lending us her bass because... Well, we forgot ours (!?); Gina, Lisa, Mary, and everyone in that big maroon Volvo station wagon; and to all the kids who studied for midterms early so they could come out to the show! Finally, thanks to Chipotle for, well... You know.


does it get you? --> "hyhu"
you call that a poker face ?
little death
don't drive away first time played!
by the way
keep your hands away
permanent marker joe alonso asked to tell a joke. we said no.
too close to the two of you after this song chris and john announced the beginning of their new "mysterious and sexy" bassist and drummer "mystique." an act which enhanced their pre-existing "lanky dorks" mystique.
firmament chris challenged his old roommates to bring odd household wares he could use as percussion instruments on firmament, only jen came through, but in a big way, providing a split coconut shell which chris used to kick out horse-hoof clickity-claks over travis's guitar break.
the sun is falling