the prodigal son. wednesday. may 22, 2024. 12am.

Our first show with eight arms. Mounting the stage after great sets by J.R. Truckdriver and Drexel, a great crowd, looking on like five dozen eager obstetricians, witnessed our birth. Thanks to the P-Son for the great sound system, the cushy walls, the Pabst, and the free carpet. Thanks to Travis’ friend Monica for reminding us (over and over) just how HOT Travis is. Prior to the set Chris beat Travis at pool. Travis had a commanding lead but threw it all away with threw it all away with two consecutive scratches. The game was utterly boring as both players suck. Before the set Conor grabbed Chris’ ass. A deed he would forget about for almost 48 hours until, whilst in bed, he thought to himself “Did I do that?” Yes, he did.


over you
smile like asterix
permanent marker
someday (to jason and andrea)
firmament - at this point monica asked robert if he felt inferior standing next to travis. she then proceeded to fall off the stage, taking with her a monitor and mic stand.
half written [formally titled complementarity] (new song to anne)
by the way - chris wore ski goggles - loren jan wilson called all north-siders to come check out the hyde park scene.
12.23.95 (ice-pussycat-remix with dance)
keep your hands away