"The new Millimeters Mercury now has a cache of songs that have been polished into gems. Whatever they're on to, they're onto something good."

"dive into the hyde park music scene"
by derek ming-wong
the chicago weekly news.
november 29, 2001.

"Millimeters Mercury are simply a very impressive young band."

"If The Mobius Trip is a portent of things to come for the band, it won't be the first time Millimeters Mercury do something few other emo bands can."

"millimeters mercury"
by matthew pollesel.
splendid e-zine
june 5, 2002.

"Go out and get Millimeters Mercury, because we always need bands like this, where innocence and passion attach like spawn to rock lifestyles ("I'm trying to keep my guitar from getting wet") and over-the-top love."

"millimeters mercury"
by theodore defosse.
splendid e-zine
august 29, 2002.