cola wars: chris & robert's new musical project

bitter tea for breakfast: travis carter's solo project.

the passerines: gabe's roller-rink-pop outfit.

the sixty-eights: straight-up clash-esque rock with leather jackets and the attitude to boot.

first coat: beautiful, experimental folk-pop.

mr. overbrooke, esq. & associates: gabe's cartoon.

p1xel and the chronic network: gabe's glam-rock opus

starlister: loren wilson's infections synth-pop band.

logic of elliott: three hard-rockin' metal vixens.

written in the sand: these guys will make you shake it.

where's jimmy k. at?: oh man. the funniest, nicest, rockers of all time.

josé ayervé: amazing musician, amazing guy.

unique chique: rad south-siders with hypnotizingly beautiful mathy-rock songs.

cartier cutsinger: amazing chicago engineer/producer.


indie music online.

dusted magazine: a cool zine for indie-rock music reviews.


other bands we like to listen to.

from monuments to masses
death cab for cutie
the dismemberment plan
no knife
hey mercedes
pedro the lion
kind of like spitting