mr hyde 003 @ gunther murphys
this was the record release show for mr. hyde records comp number 3, "going all the way". it was a great show, featuring p1xel and the chronic network, starlister, and first coat. all parties involved rocked the house.

p1xels look good under colored lights.

gabe sings his guts out

blurry stryker and hunter.

slugger metropolis caught in the act of slugging.

is that a mullet?

stryker makes love to his instrument.

you can't even tell how fast he's moving because i was swooning while taking this picture.

hunter magnificent.

rocking so hard.

petal a. lexus was standing in a very dark corner and i could almost never get a good shot of her. i must apologize.

loren sings starlister songs.

sara coaxes sweet notes from her keytar.

robert knows what's coming...


brian sulpizio can play the drums without even looking at them.

the rhythm section

loren is a rock god.

sara is a rock goddess.

the pantheon.

robert voyer, ladies and gentlemen. (especially the ladies.)

more singing and playing guitar. wow. these are getting really clever.

loren keeps getting in the way of brian.

finally, everyone in one shot.

loren does his angus young impression.

does someone have a question in the back?

the rock.

finally, brian remembers that there are drums right there in front of him.

loren remembers the next chord...

why is he so far away from the microphone? oh, because it's cooler.

"i can't believe i'm touching my face."

look at sara's socks. i mean, how cool is that? so cool. so damn cool.

first coat takes over the stage in a bloodless coup.

conor plays a martin d-28. isn't it purty?

conor screams his guts out.

someone stuck their big fat head in front of sean, so all you get is another picture of conor.

yeah, that is definitely a mullet

focus. rock requires focus.

half turned upside down sean.

conor will eat your dinner for you.

formation alpha

loren looks on from the audience

close ups of robert and travis's guitars

gabe is wearing a star wars legos t-shirt. wow.

it looks like he's falling, but he is actually just tilted a little bit.

we are playing a song.

more tilted gabe

robert jabs chris in the eyes with his guitar in a nod to perspectivism.

eating the microphone.

the bass guitar has 4 strings.

the standard guitar has 6 strings and a lot of badassness.

if you stand close enough together, two guitars look like one of those, like, double guitars?

smiley happy fun time.

robert and travis sing sideways.

gabe takes over the mic.

at 1:19 the crowd gets rowdy.

less than minute later, everyone is rowdy. that is what idm does to you after midnight. just like gremlins.