aids benefit
this was the show we played as part of a benefit for the elizabeth glazer pediatric aids foundation. and although it's a great cause, it ended up being one of our worst shows ever, mostly due to catastrophic equipment failure (3 broken strings and a broken guitar). however, there were a few shining moments. zinc finger and the major groove got the crowd bumping, and health and beauty played a great set. notice that travis plays three and robert plays two different guitars over the course of the night.

our own chris vlasses warms up the crowd as part of zinc finger.

kicking it old school in his powder blue tux.

hot. so hot. ladies, be gentle.

the other chris kicks it.

chris looks at chris rapping. coy.

close up of the hotness.

chris rips it up.

like bob barker.

loren as zinc finger

guitar solo...

chris gets into zinc

travis with his normal guitar - the one that broke in the middle of the second song.

this picture masks the doom that befell us moments afterwards. by this time, robert had already broken a string and was using his backup guitar.

that's not his normal guitar...

mmmmm... guard rails

we're rocking harder than anyone can take it.

health and beauty rocking it out.

that is not the guitar i should be playing.

health and beauty are so moody.

sara is the coolest bass player in the world (after gabe, of course).