these are the pictures from our time spent making the album turbo. lots of crazy shots from the last days of december, and the months that followed. the first pictures are from the initial tracking at smart studios with all four of us and cartier, our engineer/producer. then there was the crazy overdubbing session with cartier, robert, and travis, also at smart studios. next come the pictures of the vocal overdubs done at hayloft studios in chicago (aka cartier's rented practice space). finally, you get to see cartier, robert, and travis back at smart for the mixing.

cartier and chris have an awkward moment

chris sets up the drums

robert, gabe and chris on the couch in the control room

gabe rocking out at the helm

bass rig

mike (studio manager) and cartier (producer/engineer) checking out the machine room

gabe looking so good

robert looking so good (his guitar has googley eyes)

chris looks wistful a moment before putting in his earplugs

chris sets the mood...

robert at the helm in all his blurry glory

finally, cartier takes over

blinded by the light

through the looking glass

it's all about the vibe

blurry snares

rock so fast your eyes can't keep up

chris gives a lecture on drumming technique

rock in action with chris in the driver's seat

rock is exhausting, robert relaxes on the couch in the control room

gabe mcelwain kicks your ass

yeah, that was pretty funny

three hotties practicing their arm folding symmetry

cartier listens as duff man tells him he has new email

gabe updates the studio log, chris has been described as video games

yes, we're nerds. sorry.

and... pose

bass punches on day 3

more bass punches on day 3

what did i just say?

cartier loves having his picture taken

cartier listening for tones

robert overdubs

nilay and loren drop by to say hello and gawk at the gear

nilay can't get enough of the robert, or the live room

chris is pondering something you wouldn't understand, and looking so good

loren listens carefully

he may not be our drummer, but that doesn't mean he can't dream

but he doesn't like being caught dreaming

travis does guitar overdubs

no thanks, i couldn't possibly

lenny h does a quick vocal take

again, with a little more feeling

when we get back to nilay's at the end of day 3, chris and gabe are feeling frisky. loren is feeling crushed.

good morning starshine. the earth says hello.


gabe's headphone amp

travis's guitar rig - a fender twin, an akg 414, a royer 121, and a shure sm57

did we mention that the amp has a cat and a horseshoe on it? you're damn right it does.

robert's guitar rig - a marshal cab, a shure sm57 and an akg 414

that's a lot of amps

another shot of the bass rig - ampeg tube amp, and a blue mouse (mic)

an organ we didn't use and a coles ribbon mic

that's a neumann something or other over the crash

a neumann something or other on the kick, plus the speaker from a yamaha ns10 studio monitor being used as a microphone

racks of gear

more racks of gear

this is tuesday jan 6th, the day the guitars came down. cartier mic's up the marshall cab that we broke and fixed again.

robert, always diligent, multitasking

even very late at night, cartier's always ready to rawk

robert pours over the menu trying to stave off the shakes

i'm not sure who was quicker on the draw, but man we're dorky.

robert tunes up loren's guitar

can i just say that i really wish i owned this pedal? i don't think we used it, but damn. so many knobs!

and of course, being in wisconsin, someone had to have the 'big cheese'

this photo was taken at approximately 4am, showing cartier's flagging but still devoted interest in rocking.

at 5:30am, we began the drive home. what the hell is that on the horizon? the sun? oh crap.

this was taken at sunrise, somewhere around 6:30. i had no idea there was a 6:30 in the morning too.

this is what our eyes were actually seeing at about 7:00

robert made this face the whole way home, even when he was sleeping while travis drove. it wasn't pretty.

welcome to hayloft studios

we did all of the vocal overdubs here to save time and travel.

travis singing at cartier's hayloft studios. the first time we were here, it was 35 degrees inside, and 2 degrees outside. we sang like angels. frozen angels.

oooooh.... can you feel the vibe? i!d!m! can. so can that neumann tube mic.

this mofo can edit audio like you wouldn't believe. he'd use it to pick up chicks if his rig was easier to carry around. or if chicks actually cared about those sorts of skillz. dag, yo. it's a cruel world.

robert rocks out in the vocal booth. we are going to pretend that this wasn't staged.

this wasn't staged either &

robert decides he's had enough

cartier needs the vibe to edit and push buttons as well

but he can still laugh about it.

is that a lava lamp? damn, girl.

robert relaxes in the control room

how many times did we take pictures of each other taking a picture? too damn many. man, we're dorks.

always ready to rock, that cartier

work continues on the secret track. but you didn't hear that from me. nor did you hear it from neckface.

this was some really amazing novelty pizza from ian's. avacado, black beans, feta and tomatoes. wow.

cartier digs into some novelty pizza too.

let me tell you something about nilay. he rides a scooter around law school. that's right. a scooter.

nilay's scooter in action.

he's not embarrassed at all. i promise.

so here's the deal with our time mixing. the computer in the 'a' room broke. after 6-8 hours of not being able to fix it, it was deemed hopeless until hardware could be replaced. we had to move the whole pro tools rig from the upstairs 'b' room downstairs and connect it all in with the 'a' room's deal. what an ordeal.

cartier unplugs

cartier and mike are putting humpty dumpty back together again.

hey, it turns on!

finally, we get everything straightened out. the mixing begins

we do not swear in idm. seriously.

that's a lot of patching.

two words: space echo.

robert takes a break to play a beautiful old martin guitar

can i just say that i love that mixing board? cartier brought his own pair of monitors to supplement the ns-10's and the b and w's.

this is the automation on the mixing board. cartier came up with a working title for the album here, if you look closely.

mixing down idm onto 1/2 inch tape

robert takes advantage of the live room to play with himself. what?

cartier knows some smoking tricks.

if you flip through these next three pictures, it's almost like being there, watching cartier work his magic.

robert rocks out on the couch. in the foreground you'll see a really really old compressor, and a really amazing modern device we like to call the 'telephone'.

you might have noticed that i'm not in any of these pictures. that's because i was taking them. now you get to see several pictures of me taken by me.

scrunching my face is fun.

looking so good.

pretending i'm not taking my own picture. pretty convincing, no?

mixing down ace aviatrix. so cool.

how many terminal windows can you have open at once, robert?

is that a gold record for pisces iscariot in the background? why yes, timmy. it certainly is.

checking the mixes in cartier's car.

robert didn't get shotgun. he wasn't happy about it.